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The ˋNdrangheta in Piedmont and Veneto

The ˋNdrangheta in Piedmont and Veneto

(p.31) Three The ˋNdrangheta in Piedmont and Veneto
Mafias on the Move
Federico Varese
Princeton University Press

This chapter focuses on the 'Ndrangheta, a loose confederation of mafia families, most of which (eighty-six) operate in the province of Reggio Calabria in southern Calabria. This mafia has systematically forced local entrepreneurs to pay protection money, corrupted officials, and penetrated politics. Politicians have been threatened, wounded, and killed, while bosses have successfully stood in local elections. In the 1990s, the Italian government disbanded eighteen city councils due to the 'Ndrangheta's ability to pervert local electoral processes. In 2007, killers from San Luca, this mafia's stronghold, murdered six people outside an Italian restaurant in Duisburg, in northwestern Germany, bringing the ruthless nature and international reach of the organization home to the European public.

Keywords:   organized crime, mafia families, 'Ndrangheta, Italy, Reggio Calabria, protection money, corruption

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