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Adaptive Diversification Due to Cooperative Interactions

Adaptive Diversification Due to Cooperative Interactions

(p.139) Chapter Six Adaptive Diversification Due to Cooperative Interactions
Adaptive Diversification (MPB-48)
Michael Doebeli
Princeton University Press

This chapter focuses on adaptive diversification due to cooperative interactions. If predation has received less attention than competition as a cause for the origin and maintenance of diversity, mutualistic interactions have fared even worse. There is quite a substantial theoretical literature on the ecology of mutualistic interactions, but only a few studies have investigated mutualism as a potential driver of diversification. There is of course a rather huge literature on the evolution of intraspecific cooperation, and many of these models implicitly address the problem of coexistence between cheaters and cooperators, and hence the maintenance of diversity. However, the origin of diversity in cooperative contributions has only recently been investigated. Most models of cooperation assume that cooperators make a costly contribution to a public good, which is then distributed among certain members of the population.

Keywords:   adaptive diversification, cooperative interactions, mutualistic interactions, mutualism, intraspecific cooperation

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