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Inclusion in Metaphysics and Semantics

Inclusion in Metaphysics and Semantics

(p.45) 3 Inclusion in Metaphysics and Semantics
Stephen Yablo
Princeton University Press

This chapter argues that parts are subject to a principle of upward difference transmission: tweaking them makes for variation in their containing wholes. The principle is highly schematic; different differences are passed along according to the sort of entity involved. If x and y are material objects, intrinsic variation in x makes for intrinsic variation in y. If they are properties, it is changes in how they are exemplified that percolate up. If they are statements, it is variation in how they are true. This provides a second route to our conception of content-parts as consequences whose ways of being true “change less quickly.” Sometimes A and B are given, and we can apply the definition directly. Other times only A is given, and our task is to construct the part of A that concerns the given subject matter.

Keywords:   aboutness, upward difference transmission, intrinsic variation, content-parts, truth

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