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Heroic Aspirations in 1990

Heroic Aspirations in 1990

(p.88) Chapter 3 Heroic Aspirations in 1990
Mary Elise Sarotte
Princeton University Press

This chapter discusses former Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev's challenge to his own original plan: a heroic model of multinationalism. Gorbachev dropped the restoration concept entirely and instead proposed to build a vast new edifice from the Atlantic to the Urals: the fulfillment of his desire to create a common European home of many rooms. States under this model would retain their own political orders, but cooperate via international economic and military institutions. Ironically, former East German dissident movements proposed a similar model. They wanted new construction as well, though of a more limited expanse. Their goal was the construction of an improved socialism in East Germany, with a curiously prescient kind of “property pluralism” that would allow both private property and state intervention in times of economic crisis.

Keywords:   Mikhail Gorbachev, heroic model, multinationalism, European home, international economic institutions, international military institutions, East German dissident movements, socialism, property pluralism

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