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Making Morality in Religion

Making Morality in Religion

(p.199) Chapter 6 Making Morality in Religion
Ethical Life
Webb Keane
Princeton University Press

This chapter provides an understanding of the demand for moral consistency that motivates a pair of thriving contemporary piety movements, one Christian (the Urapmin Charismatics), the other Muslim (the Cairene Muslims). Although they differ in their theological and moral doctrines, these movements have much in common. In particular, the participants in these movements actively and self-consciously strive to live ethically consistent lives. In both piety movements, that demand for consistency is partly explained by the inculcation of a God's-eye view, a version of the third-person perspective from which the faithful is expected to see the totality of his or her life and impose order on it.

Keywords:   moral consistency, piety movements, Urapmin Charismatics, Cairene Muslims, God's-eye view

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