Formal Verification of Control System Software

Formal Verification of Control System Software

Pierre-Loïc Garoche

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9780691181301

Publisher: Princeton University Press


The verification of control system software is critical to a host of technologies and industries, from aeronautics and medical technology to the cars we drive. The failure of controller software can cost people their lives. This book provides control engineers and computer scientists with an introduction to the formal techniques for analyzing and verifying this important class of software. Too often, control engineers are unaware of the issues surrounding the verification of software, while computer scientists tend to be unfamiliar with the specificities of controller software. The book provides a unified approach that is geared to graduate students in both fields, covering formal verification methods as well as the design and verification of controllers. It presents a wealth of new verification techniques for performing exhaustive analysis of controller software. These include new means to compute nonlinear invariants, the use of convex optimization tools, and methods for dealing with numerical imprecisions such as floating point computations occurring in the analyzed software. As the autonomy of critical systems continues to increase—as evidenced by autonomous cars, drones, and satellites and landers—the numerical functions in these systems are growing ever more advanced. The techniques presented here are essential to support the formal analysis of the controller software being used in these new and emerging technologies.