The Chapel of Princeton University

The Chapel of Princeton University

Richard Stillwell

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9780691195209

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Like the medieval English cathedrals that inspired it, the Princeton University Chapel is an architectural achievement designed to evoke wonder, awe, and reflection. This book is the essential illustrated guide to this magnificent architectural and cultural landmark. Now with new color photos throughout, the book traces the history of the chapel and describes its architecture, sculpture, woodwork, and furnishings. The author knew the building from its planning stages through its construction, dedication, and long use. This book offers unique insights into the vision of architect Ralph Adams Cram and the artistry of Charles J. Connick, who designed the chapel's breathtaking cycle of stained-glass windows. The book gives readers an opportunity to enjoy the chapel as both an aesthetically beautiful structure and a moving religious statement. It reveals how the building's composition is meant to provide spiritual access to as many seekers as possible and instill in them an extraordinary message of hope. The book is a guided tour of an inspiring structure that has served as the spiritual home to one of America's leading universities.